How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Between shifts in Waco or looking for a weekend project? You may be considering performing an oil change yourself or getting in touch with a service center for tips. With a professional working on your vehicle, an oil change should last less than an hour. Greg May Honda has a guide for two common questions: how long does an oil change take and how long should an oil change take?


How Long Should an Oil Change Take?

So, how long should an oil change take if you do it yourself? If you've spent a few months on Lorena or McGregor roads and want to look into doing it yourself, class="text-center"

  • Your vehicle's maintenance schedule has been tailored by the manufacturer to help you know when your vehicle needs maintenance by mileage and by a month-to-month calendar.
  • You'll need new oil to perform the oil change.
  • You'll also need a lot of equipment - adequate wrenches, a rubber mallet, a new oil filter, a new oil filter gasket, a jack, and wheel blocks!
  • Given all these necessities, you should budget one hour at the least, if not more.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take at a Service Center?

China Spring drivers can check out our service coupons for savings on oil changes and more at a service center, where services like an oil change can be safely and efficiently performed in under an hour. 

  • A service center has the right tools in addition to the ability to professionally assess your vehicle's oil requirements, like whether you need synthetic or conventional oil.
  • You'll save on time so that the questions "how long does an oil change take" and "how long should an oil change take?" have the same answer when you service with us!
  • Money savings: With all the tools required, an oil change at a dedicated service center can actually be much cheaper than a DIY method!

How Long Does an Oil Change Take with Greg May Honda?

Waco drivers can trust the professionals at Greg May Honda for answers to all of their questions about vehicle maintenance! Online, you can schedule service and even order parts through us. We are happy to provide tips that save you time and money on your vehicle like how to fix a dent or scratch or how to jump-start a car, so get in touch today!