How to Buy a New Car

If you live in Waco and you’re thinking of buying a new car for the first time, or even had a poor car buying experience and want to have a better experience this time, Greg May Honda can help! Our customers love us and keep coming back year after year, and you will too! Learn more about how to buy a new car below and then come to visit our dealership. We’ll take good care of you and help you get into that new car you’ve been dreaming about.

couple getting keys to new car

When to Buy a New Car

Let’s start with the basics. How do you know when to buy a new car? These are some things to consider:

  1. Do you constantly find yourself paying for expensive repairs? At some point, you’ll probably be paying more for repairs than you would for a new car. You might even be there already.
  2. You feel unsafe driving your car. Greg May Honda cares about the safety of Lorena drivers! The last thing you want is to get in an accident, so if you don’t feel safe in your car, it’s time to get rid of it!
  3. Were you single when you first bought your car, but now you find yourself married with kids or your first child on the way? Let Greg May Honda help you find a more spacious Honda vehicle that can accommodate your growing family!
  4. Is your current vehicle failing emissions tests? Getting it to meet emissions standards can cost a great deal. Perhaps it’s time to choose a newer model that may save you money on your McGregor commute in the long run.

How to Find The Right New Honda For Your Needs

Perhaps you answered yes to some of the above questions and are ready to get into a new Honda. Are you wondering how to begin? A good place to start is to set a budget that you can live with and then make a commitment to stick to it. If you’re not sure what you can afford, use our handy online payment calculator, or call our finance center. We are always happy to help. Below is a step-by-step guide on what to do next.

  1. Think about your driving habits, length of your daily commute, your cargo space requirements, and desired technology and safety features before starting your search for a new car. Then, narrow down your options to your top three models that meet your requirements.
  2. Next, research your top choices and look into their safety ratings, reliability, lifespan, and warranty. Try to take a test drive in each model so you can learn how each one handles around China Spring.
  3. When you’ve settled on a final choice, do a local internet search to find dealership options and research prices.

Find Your New Car at Greg May Honda Today!

Now that you know how to buy a new car and when to buy a new car, if you’re ready, head into Greg May Honda. We have the car you need at a price you can afford. Let us help you find the vehicle that meets your auto loan requirements, and then our finance center will work their magic so you can drive home in a new Honda! Contact us today!